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Kitchen & Cleaning

Dish brush
Bambu Pot scraper
Bottle brush
Reusable washable sponge
UNpaper towels
Swedish dishcloths
Beeswax wraps
Stashers Silicone bags                    Frusack                                          
Vegan Dish soap block
And so much more...

Bath & Body

Body soap bars

Shave bars 

Shampoo bars 

Conditioner bars 

Loofah soap bars 

Lotion bars 

Bath bombs 

Plastic-free razors 

Soap bags 

Zero-waste dental floss 

Bamboo toothbrushes 

Reusable toothbrush & head 

Deodorant in cardboard dispenser 

Sustainably packaged makeup 

On The Go

Bamboo, avocado & stainless to-go Utensils
Glass straws
Metal straws
Bamboo Straws
Straw cleaners
Insulated water bottles
Insulated coffee mugs with strainer
Cotton-mesh produce bags
Produce bags