Buy Reusable Products

Would you believe that the average American throws away more than 4 pounds of trash a day, most of which ends up buried in landfills? Purchasing reusable products and giving unwanted stuff new life by donating or freecycling are easy ways to cut down on waste. There are organizations that will find homes for everything from your daughter’s old prom dress to the collection of mismatched mugs gathering dust in a cupboard. Commonly discarded items like cardboard egg cartons and old sheets can be repurposed for craft projects or Halloween costumes. With a little effort you can help reduce the amount of stuff that ends up in landfills.

Swap This for That  

I love this shop! My first order was the "Happy Fridge Starter" kit, which included a half gallon stasher bag; 3 different sizes of Bee's Wrap (goodbye saran wrap!); 2 vegetable crisper bags; and my absolute favorite, food huggers. All have been totally useful! I recently started composting and ordered a compost container, which is really cute and looks great on my kitchen counter. 

-Karen F.