Refill Bar Menu

We source products from brands that share our values and produce non-toxic and minimally packaged cleaning products. We do our best to create a loop economy with all our bulk refillables, meaning we either giveaway the 1 gallon - 30 gallon containers we are shipped or we send them back to the brands to clean & reuse! 

Kitchen & All-Purpose Cleaning

Hand soap
.45 an oz Lavender - Sweet Grass
.40 an oz Peppermint tea tree or Grapefruit Ho wood - WE FILL GOOD
.50 an oz Lavender Lemon or Tangerine Clove - Fillaree

Castile liquid soap
.60 an oz lavender or lemon - Mama Suds

Liquid Dish soap
.30 an oz Dish soap - WE FILL GOOD

Dishwasher Pods
.30 a load unscented- Dropps

Dishwasher Powder
.45 an oz - Rustic Strength
Dishwasher Tablets
.30 a load unscented - MYNI

All-purpose cleaner & Countertop cleaner
.40 an oz Bergamot Cypress concentrate - Rustic Strength
.40 an oz Peppermint Rosemary – Sapadilla
.25 an oz 30% Cleaning Vinegar

Cold Pressed Orange Oil
$1.00 an oz

Stainless Steel Cleaner
.26 an ounce

Powder Cleaning Scrub
.66 an oz Peppermint or Unscented - Meliora

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
.25 an oz - Therapy clean, NH

Floor Cleaner concentrate
.95 an oz - City Maid Green


Liquid Laundry Detergent
.25 an oz unscented- WE FILL GOOD
.35 an oz Lavender Rosemary or Lemon Eucalyptus - WE FILL GOOD

Laundry Pods
.30 a load Unscented or Oxy booster or Fabric softener - Dropps

Powder Laundry Detergent
.25 an oz -Lavender - Sweet Grass
.45 an oz Unscented -Meliora


Bath & Body

.66 an oz Cedar Sage or Lavender - Oneka

.66 an oz Deep conditioning, Lavender or Cedar Sage - One

$10 an oz Vegan, Baking soda free options - Routine

Creme Face Cleanser
$1.10 an oz AHA creme cleanser - EWL

Body Lotion
.42 an oz Lavender -Sweet Grass

Face Cream
$3.50 an oz - EWL

Shave Cream
.80 an oz - EWL

Face Oil
$10 an oz Juniper Carrot Seed - Meow Meow Tweet

Toothpaste Tablets
$6 an oz - Unpaste & Huppy

Bath Salts
$1.75 an oz Seasonal local blends - Blackbird's Daughter

Body Scrub
$1.25 an oz - Sea Glass sugar

Body & Hair Oil
$5.00 an oz - EWL

Organic Jojoba Oil
$1.45 an oz - Hoba Care Maine

And more products.....