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It’s a common misconception that going low waste is costly, time-consuming, and means depriving yourself. Embracing low-waste living is a journey. It’s not about perfection, but about making a positive difference through incremental steps. We invite you to join a community of like-minded people who share your values and commitment to living in a more mindful, eco-friendly way - people who are planting the seeds of change in the interest of making our world a better place.  


We Fill Good aims to take the hassle out of shopping for sustainable products. We’ve done the research for you and partnered with companies who meet at least two of the following standards: small or family business, Certified Organic, B Corp Certified, handmade, upcycled or made from recycled material, socially responsible, woman owned, fairtrade, cruelty free, and made in the USA. Our ever-expanding selection of goods makes conscious consumerism easy and accessible.   


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Tips to Go Low Waste 

 Look for foods with no, or minimal, packaging. Loose fruits and vegetables, bulk cereals and grains, and anything grown locally means less plastic waste with the added benefit of being healthier! 




Compost. 30% of trash that ends up in landfills comes from food scraps and yard waste, and this waste releases dangerous gases that contribute to climate change. Composting your organic waste will add valuable nutrients to soil, making plants grow faster and helping counteract the effects of climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the air. 




Reuse and repurpose. There’s no denying we live in a consumerist society, but you can make a difference by being a mindful consumer. Buy secondhand or join a freecycling group online. When you do buy something new, look for products that are designed to last. Repair whatever you can and donate what you no longer need.