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At We Fill Good, we are passionate about the environment and our goal to empower the Seacoast community to reduce our plastic footprint while having fun and sharing ideas for a low-waste lifestyle.

Notes from We Fill Good owner, Marla:

Going zero waste is a next to impossible task, that I personally have not achieved. That said, there is so much that we can all do to help the planet. I don’t think the answer is a small group achieving zero waste, but ALL OF US REDUCING OUR WASTE AS MUCH AS WE CAN. Thus the term, LOW-WASTE LIFESTYLE! I learn new ways to cut back my plastic consumption, trash and impact on the environment every day with easy lifestyle changes.



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"This store is such a gem on the Seacoast!
A place where you can go and refill your cleaning products and toiletries is so wonderful! Marla the owner is knowledgeable and has a wide selection in her store!!
I have loved everything I have purchased here, but especially the lavender scented laundry detergent. It works well and smells fantastic.
Definitely give We Fill Good a stop next time you are in Kittery!!!" -Catrina B

"Great ways to help solve waste issues and use non toxic products. The owner was super friendly, came over gave us the basic run down and offered to help at any point on this visit or future ones. You can bring your own containers, if you don't have any they do have some packaged or a section of containers for free that you can take from! We can't wait to go back!" - Kyla S

"I purchased lots of things online for me and my family. All items arrived safely and in sustainable packaging. I love the fragrances of the soaps and face oil! I also ordered kitchen items which are amazing!! After that I ordered gift packages that Marla, the store owner, put together. This is now my go-to place for house warming, mother's day, birthdays etc..." - Laurie S

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Featured in Green & Healthy Home Maine, Spring/Summer 2022:

We Fill Good

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Marla Baldassare


“This shop is amazing. In the US we waste so many containers and this shop is actually doing something about it! At this store you bring your own containers for things like laundry soap, shampoo, dish soap, etc. You start off by weighing your jars and then you fill them and pay by the ounce for your products. There are many locally made products and great zero waste or low waste options. The ladies working there, and even a local vendor that came in were so kind helping me think of ways to waste less in my life. It was so amazing!”

- Monica