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Un Paper Towel 6 pack
Un Paper Towel 6 pack

Un Paper Towel 6 pack

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UnPaper Towels are ideal for leaving traditional paper towels behind. These towels are convenient and ready to use right out of the package just like their disposable counterparts. Unlike regular paper towels, these UnPaper towels can be used again and again. The more you use them the more absorbent they become!

- 100% Cotton Flannel, 1 ply
- Measure approximately 10 inches wide x 11 inches tall with rounded corners
- Serged for durability and to prevent fraying. Serger thread is locked into place to ensure thread does not unravel.
- Flannel naturally clings to itself eliminating the need for snaps.

Roll towels onto an old paper towel roll. Keep adding a new towel and roll up until you have formed a roll of unpaper towels. Also work great folded up in a basket or drawer.

CARE: Our UnPaper towels are machine washable and dryer safe. (Some shrinkage may occur).
I do not recommend using fabric softener on any of my products. Fabric softener can lessen the towels absorbency over time. Try using white vinegar instead; add it to your load of laundry or place it in your Downy ball. Vinegar is also a great way to eliminate odors.