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Reed diffuser - Yam collective
Reed diffuser - Yam collective

Reed diffuser - Yam collective

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Yam collective 

We use natural, low environmental impact,  rattan reeds over synthetic fiber reeds. Rattan is less likely to become over saturated or clogged, which allows oil to diffuse at a much slower pace. We suggest flipping the reeds after 30 minutes and thereafter every 1-2 weeks to ensure maximum fragrance diffusion. Perfect for small spaces and high traffic or drafty areas. Diffuser lasts approximately 6 months. Includes fifteen 10" rattan reeds. Store away from direct sunlight, flame and children. Liquid color will vary based on fragrance oil.
Bottle measures 2.7" x 5.3" h
7 fl oz (207 ml)
INGREDIENTS: Vegan renewable coconut oil
infused base, phthalate & paraben free
base and fragrance oils.