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Kitchen cleaning supplies holder granite

Kitchen cleaning supplies holder granite

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The reclaimed granite base features a hand carved divot that allows the dish brush to stand upright. Two hand curved aluminum rods work together to securely hold your sponge allowing plenty of air to dry. And its stout granite base naturally prevents tipping. 

The durable, tall aluminum rod is hand formed to capture the brush and is finished with a cute beach stone gathered from New England beaches. Storing the brush upright eliminates the mess of drips from soap-dispensing wands.

The natural, organic design keeps your brush and sponge close at hand and allows your dish wand to stand high and dry after each use. The compact design fits perfectly near your sink and the all natural materials look beautiful in your kitchen.

  • Allows your dish brush and sponge to dry after each use.
  • Ends dish soap mess.
  • Keeps dish time essentials out of the way, yet close at hand.
  • Hand carved divot ensures dish brush is always standing tall.
  • Hand bent aluminum rods capture both sponge and dish brush.
  • Sturdy granite base prevents tipping, and soft bottom protects surfaces.
  • Made from reclaimed granite, brushed aluminum, and hand collected smooth beach stones.
  • Designed and handcrafted by our team of local artisans in our New Hampshire studio.