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Food Huggers - butter
Food Huggers - butter

Food Huggers - butter

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Our individual Butter Hugger is the perfect size for covering and protecting opened sticks of butter. Keep your butter fresh and spreadable. The Butter Hugger also allows your butter to stand up in the fridge store to save space  

Getting the most out of your fresh produce is health smart, cash smart, and good for the planet. 

100% BPA & Phthalate free

100% FDA food grade silicone

Dishwasher Safe

Although the silicone material can be recycled, it is only available for recycling at a large scale and industrial level. There are not any curbside recycling programs that we are aware of where a Food Hugger could be recycled along with your usual household recyclables. Food Huggers® do have a lifetime guarantee when you purchase them from us. Hopefully you will never need to recycle them.