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Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free
Shampoo bar- Package free

Shampoo bar- Package free

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100% package free shampoo bars

Clean, nourish and hydrate your hair with our no-waste shampoo bar. Made with natural ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil.

SLS-Free shampoo works great with all hair types, including color-treated hair.

Revitalizing, no waste way to wash your hair. Coconut oil and cocoa butter based, this SLS-free alternative leaves hair soft, nourished and clean without stripping away your natural oils or hair color.

The pro-vitamin complex and lemon peel strengthen hair and adds shine. 

* online orders will receive an email with scent options

Sodium Coco Sulfate, Lemon Juice, Powdered Lemon Peel, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Fragrance and Essential Oil Blend, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Provitamin B Complex.  May contain Blue 1, Red 40, Red 33, Yellow 5, Orange 4, or Oxides.

Each shampoo bar is 2.25 oz. and lasts 50-75 washes!

Available in many scents-

Ocean breeze-

Get swept away to a tropical island with this light and refreshing scent. Sweet florals like jasmine, rose and hyacinth are combined with a spritz of citrus and a hint of musk.

Moroccan oil:
This distinctive and sophisticated scent combines spicy amber and earthy musk with sweet florals for an exotic and alluring sensory experience

A uniquely intoxicating unisex scent that combines woodsy notes like oak, amber and musk with lively lime and fresh, green herbs.

Coconut lime:

Tempt your senses with a trip to the tropics with this natural combination of zesty tart lime and sweet creamy coconut. You'll want to pop in a straw and take a sip.

Florida fresh:

An explosion of citrusy goodness, this fresh and lively Florida scent combines bergamot, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, lemon, and orange. And just for fun, we added a bit of mango so that citrus isn't the only fruit group at the Florida Fresh party.


Sunshine and summer innocence combine with this delightfully yummy scent that brings together the sweetness of raspberries, coconut, vanilla bean, cotton candy, brown sugar and caramel.


As complex as the concept of karma, this sophisticated scent combines citrusy oranges, neroli and petigrain; earthy patchouli; sweet jasmine; sophisticated sandalwood; earthy musk; and woody pine to create a complex and alluring scent.

Coconut Water: 

Like a freshly cracked open coconut, this scent provides a clean, refreshing, creamy sweetness with a just a hint of bergamot and bamboo.