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Bottle & Dish brushes with handle
Bottle & Dish brushes with handle

Bottle & Dish brushes with handle

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This beechwood bottle cleaning brush is an environmentally friendly, plastic-free zero-waste staple for your daily cleaning routine.

Made of: Beechwood handle, steel wire center, and coconut husk fiber bristles.

Use: Heavy-duty fiber bristles attached to a long, thin handle are perfect for cleaning water bottles, vases, mugs, and other vessels with small openings.  

Care: Hang to dry between uses.  Wood is naturally anti microbial,but if you need to clean your brush, clean with vinegar to kill bacteria. 


The handle can be either buried in the backyard and will compost after a few years or can be composted at a commercial site. This includes the bristles which are made from coir or coconut fiber and fully biodegradable and will eventually return to the soil and break down unlike plastic.