About Us

At We Fill Good, we are passionate about the environment and our goal to empower the Seacoast community to reduce our plastic footprint while having fun and sharing ideas for a low-waste lifestyle.

Notes from We Fill Good owner, Marla:

Going zero waste is a next to impossible task, that I personally have not achieved. That said, there is so much that we can all do to help the planet. I don’t think the answer is a small group achieving zero waste, but ALL OF US REDUCING OUR WASTE AS MUCH AS WE CAN. Thus the term, LOW-WASTE LIFESTYLE! I learn new ways to cut back my plastic consumption, trash and impact on the environment every day with easy lifestyle changes.

A few facts that motivate me to try harder: 

*91% of plastic in the US is never recycled
*50% of the world's plastic is only used 1 time and less than 10% is recycled
*The average American throws away almost 5lbs of trash every day

Think how a low-waste lifestyle can create immediate changes!

You ask, how do I start? I suggest you start with the 6 R’s:

*Refuse - Say NO & find a reusable alternative
*Reduce - Less is more - make less trash - buy wiser
*Reuse/Repair - Donate - buy 2nd hand - swap with friends
*Repurpose - Upcycle - be creative - use your empty jars for bulk
*Rot - Compost - compost - compost! It’s great for the planet and will reduce your weekly trash hauls in half
*Recycle - what you can