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Single Bamboo soap Coaster NOAP
Single Bamboo soap Coaster NOAP

Single Bamboo soap Coaster NOAP

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Bamboo Coaster with Water Soluble Packaging

for all bar types

Bar soap has its drawbacks--we aren't going to pretend they don't.  We know that experience matters, so we want you to know that these coasters were designed by shower snobs for shower snobs.

These coasters solve the following problems:

  • they lift the bar from your tile, eliminating that dreaded gooey mess that bar soap (even the good stuff) gets if it isn't taken care of properly 
  • the product names are engraved on them to there to help you identify your bars in case you lose track 
  • preserves the life line of your bars by letting them dry all the way around


When it comes to choosing the perfect place for your beautiful new bamboo coaster, go "high & dry".  Keep the bars out of the direct shower stream or splash-zone.  

A dry bar is a happy bar :)



Water Soluble Packaging - skip the landfill


Toss them in a fire if you don't love them


No Plastic

No Compromise


If anything happens to your coasters, we will gladly replace them for you.  Bamboo is not indestructible, so yeah, cracks can happen.  That is the reality of using a biodegradable material and not something like plastic :)