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Kitchen Towels - Super absorbent

Kitchen Towels - Super absorbent

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A Dish Towel That Delivers Soaking wet hands, just-washed dishes, or spilled-on surfaces? No problem. This is a kitchen towel that exceeds expectations with its high absorbency (holding five times its weight in water-no joke!) and super-fast drying time that blows away its cotton competitors. The secret lies in our high-performing fabric.

*Ultra-Absorbent - absorbs 5 times its weight in water

*Quick Dry *Stays Fresh

*Durable over 300 washes

*Removes up to 99% of Bacteria from Surfaces

*Oversized 18 "x 30" *1 towel = 2.5 recycled bottles: GRS certified

*Sustainably produced: Oeko-Tex certified *80% Recycled Polyester/20% Polyamide, Machine Wash, Imported

*If you order on line, you will receive an email with pictures of your color/print option