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Fragrance:  Wild Sage, Sea Salt, & Neroli Or Mimosa Amber

The Trifecta Solid Conditioner Bar

for all hair types

Strong is beautiful—and that is especially true for hair. We agreed to create this bar on one condition: that it will work better than its plastic cloaked competition and stopped us from secretly returning to our favorite bottles. Turns out, we made something we think is even better: a performance conditioning bar made from clean ingredients that not only helps leave your hair feeling super silky soft, shiny and less damaged, but also leaves your conscience pretty clean too. Perfect for the shower, to leave in as a styling product, or as an after-swim hair protector & detangler. Made for people who love the water, wherever they are.


Plastic-free, sustainable, performance eco-friendly conditioner that was formulated not only for the shower but also works as a leave in styling product, and as an after-swim hair detangler.  

Perfect for preventing hair from getting brittle and breaking if you spend a lot of time in salt, lake or chlorinated water.


Kid & Family Safe (but not tear free)

Sulfate Free

Paraben Free

Silicone Free

Soap Free

Plant Based & Vegan

Compostable paper packaging


No Pink Tax

Reef Safe

TSA Friendly

Phthalate Free

Cruelty Free

Dye & Mica Free

Worry Free

3.0 oz

Replaces 6 plastic bottles of salon quality conditioner (6.8 oz)


No Plastic

No Compromise

Heads up: This product changes color over time.  Without plastic, UV light will yellow the bar, but won't change it in any other way.


Key Benefits:

Instantly detangles

Nourishes the hair & adds shine

Helps protect color vibrancy  

Helps create a uniform cuticle 

Helps protect against dryness & softens hair

Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy  

Fills in damaged areas  

Acts as a heat protectant

Locks in moisture, conditions, and smoothes   

Restores hydration and movement 

Fortifies hair  

Forms a protective barrier around the cuticle  

Improves hair's elasticity    

Helps create silkiness  

Includes anti-frizz protection  

Helps reduce static  


Key Ingredients:

Macadamia Oil 

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil