I am finally outside Starter Kit

I am finally outside Starter Kit

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1)Meow meow tweet sunscreen

2)Meow meow tweet deodorant - once you place your order, watch for an email with scent options

3)Lotion in a tin

4)reusable wipes

5)gold metal straw 

Product details

1) sunscreen

A silky lotion for face and body with an SPF value of 25.

 Whether you’re Count Dracula and barely spend any time in the sun or Icarus, who flew too close to it, you need an everyday SPF. Ah, ah ah!

Our Everyday Sunscreen is a mineral, reef safe SPF with a silky smooth skin feel. Made with plant-based, moisturizing ingredients that won’t clog pores, it is perfect for daily use on the face (and body). The lotion subtly smells of balancing rose geranium--  softly floral and fresh. And of course, it contains non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide. The SPF value is 25.


2) deodorant

A natural deodorant stick in a biodegradable package that works.


No more fingers in your armpits! Our stick deodorant is a synergy of potent plant and mineral powders with sweet smelling and mighty essential oils that will keep you smelling oh-so fresh! Not only does it work, but the packaging is biodegradable- it will compost in a year! Available in Lavender Bergamot and Lemon Eucalyptus.

3) reusable wipes

One cloth with many uses: baby wipes, tissues, napkins, washcloths, makeup removers, face cloths, and more!

Wipes measure approximately 8 x 7 inches. Made from 1 ply of soft flannel fabric. Each wipe has reinforced serger stitching to increase durability and prevent fraying. Use with water or a homemade wipe solution or use them dry.

 Care Instructions- Machine wash with like colors. Dryer safe. I do not recommend using fabric softener as it can decrease absorbency. Wipes are not prewashed, some shrinkage may occur. Wipes will become softer and more absorbent with each wash.